Billy Willson Course – 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency Review, is it legit?

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency Review

In 2020, there are so many courses that can teach you how to advertise on Facebook.

The question is, how do you know which course is going to provide you with the most value, at the most affordable price?

Every Facebook marketing expert sounds so sure their course is the best but in this course review, you'll be able to determine for yourself if this course and business model in general is for you or if there is a better way to make money online.

Now, you've most likely come across a Billy Willson ad where he invites you to watch his free webinar.

Once you get to the page with his webinar, he shows you his easy 3-step funnel process to generate leads for your clients and earn thousands of dollars a month for your agency.

Then he sells you on his Facebook Ads course.

Is his course legit?

Before you actually go check Reddit and see that I'm right, go through this course review right here to answer any questions you may have.

Then make your decision.

Introduction to Billy

One semester at Kansas State University and Billy Willson realized that college life wasn’t for him.

What'd he do about it?

He made a post on social media that explained what he felt were the major flaws in the college system.

Then he dropped out.


That post went viral.

Fast forward to his age 20, after much hard work and cultivating his social media marketing skills, Billy had transformed himself into a very successful 6 figure entrepreneur.

As of today, he owns his own academy and social media marketing agency, WillsonMedia.

You can check out the WillsonMedia website by clicking the photo below.

He eventually put together the 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency Course which teaches how to advertise for local businesses on Facebook.  

What to Expect in this Course?

Billy guides you through the entire process of advertising on this platform. Here's a list of exactly what you'll learn:

  • How to create a Facebook Business Manager account
  • Create effective & efficient ads on FB and Instagram
  • Retargeting
  • Helping business owners close the leads you generate them
  • How to create an LLC

Towards the end, there's bonus material in which he walks you through his best funnels and things to keep in mind for certain niches.

His method of teaching, makes it very easy to go through the course and learn how to be successful when advertising on Facebook.

If you're able to pay attention and follow step-by-step what Billy says in his course, you’ll be on your way to helping out local businesses and generating a 6-figure income for yourself.

Without further ado, let’s get into this in-depth course review.

The 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency Course Breakdown

Module 01 - Introduction

This is where it all begins.

If you're new to Facebook ads and the world of digital marketing in general, a few of the questions you might ask yourself are:

  • Why clients will pay you so much?
  • What you do for clients?
  • Why you use Facebook?

Billy takes the time in this initial module to answer those exact questions.

I like how Billy explains that business owners are basically handing you checks, so that you can "hand" them bigger checks by means of the leads you generate for them.

It's really an easy way to close a client when you explain that to them. Especially when you tell them to pay you AFTER you've gotten them leads.

I explain this to potential clients of mine also when explaining my lead gen process.

Business owners are more inclined to work with you if you give them that option.

They'll feel like they have nothing to lose.

I'm a fan of results in advance because when you do, unless a business owner already has a ton of work lined up, it'll be hard to be told no.

If I'm providing results, unless the business owner doesn't know a lick about business, I'm going to close the deal more often than not. 

Billy also goes on to explain what the Value Ladder is.

Total video time for the module: 29 minutes, 59 seconds

Module 02 - How To Run Effective Facebook Ads For Your Client

This module is essential because Billy walks you through everything you need to do to get started advertising on this platform.

He makes it really simple to get familiar with the Business Manager section of Facebook which is helpful because if you're new, you can get confused at first glance.

He also provides value by walking you through the Facebook Ads Manager.

That's the section of your Business Manager where you'll most likely start your day.

You'll want to check on your ads often to see if they're converting or not. Also, if you're looking to create new ads for your campaigns, the Ads Manager is where you'll most likely begin that process.

These sections of Facebook are important for you to get comfortable with so you can successfully and efficiently manage your clients ads.
Efficiency is the goal.

I walked away from this module wishing that Billy went into more detail in regards to copywriting.

Copywriting is so important in the marketing world! If he would have touched on that some more with more proven examples and training, that would have made this module and course all the better.

Points off for that.

I'll always be a fan of courses that go the extra mile and train you on copywriting because it's such a necessary skill to have.

I recommend that you go check out the Paid Traffic Mastery course.

Molly Pittman along with other instructors, do a great job with teaching copywriting not only on Facebook, but also Instagram, Google, YouTube and even LinkedIn.

Total video time for the module: 1 hour 38 minutes

Module 03 - Generating Leads For Your Clients via Landing Pages

Next in this course review, Billy now goes into the necessary steps, techniques, and even softwares needed to generate as many leads as possible for your clients.

Advertising on this platform is more than just putting some words together with a picture, saying "Click Here" and publishing the ad.

After you get your ad copy together and include a great offer, you need to set up a way to capture leads when they start to flow in.

You have to have the tools necessary to "reel in the fishand Billy shows you how.

This is where landing pages come into play.

I found it very useful how Billy goes through the creation of a landing page as well as the difference between the various types of landing pages.

He really covers the bases in this module.

If you follow what Billy teaches, you won't be so worried about not attracting leads or worse yet, attracting leads but not having the softwares in place and functioning properly so that you know when the leads come in.

Believe me.

You want to make sure whatever systems you have in place are working as they should.

I once assumed my software was linked up and ready to go after integrating with Facebook.

My mistake?

I didn't test it out.

Between 5-10 leads weren't attended to in time and by the time I realized it, it was obviously too late. 

Don't be like me.

Test whatever software is going to capture your leads.

In this module you'll also learn: 

  • Complicated Funnels
  • How to optimize landing pages for mobile
  • Split-testing

Total video time for the module: 56 minutes 45 seconds

Module 04 - Prospecting Clients

Billy not only shows you how to generate leads for your clients, but he also teaches you how to acquire clients for yourself.

So, now you have a business.

How do you attract YOUR own leads/clients for your agency?

Billy does well in giving you tips on how to find the PERFECT business to work with.

Plenty of digital marketers don't have the slightest idea on how to find clients.

The truth is that there are so many ways to prospect and get clients but you need to pay attention to a few things first.

I for one refuse to partner with a client that doesn't treat their customers (my leads) respectfully.

How pointless would that be?

I'd be attracting all of these leads for a business owner while they chase them away.

How counter-intuitive, right?

That's a pure waste of my time.

In my opinion, it's worth it to take time on a daily basis to prospect. It doesn't have to take all day, maybe an hour or two.

The point is to just do it. 

Prospecting needs to be a regular thing.

This process may not be easy, you may not get clients when you expect to, but remember:

Did Jordan give up all those years that the Bad Boy Pistons were on his behind??


Because of not giving up, he became GREATER.

By giving up, you stunt your own growth and then you absolutely ain't gonna get no clients.

In this most important module, Billy teaches you:

  • Easiest ways to get your first client 
  • Methods for prospecting
  • How to find clients on job listing websites

Total video time for the module: 33 minutes 46 seconds

Module 05 - Getting Meetings With Clients

Once you've made initial contact with a potential client, what's the goal?

Obviously, to set up a meeting

Billy dives into the many methods and strategies that will really help you do that. 

My favorite part of this module is the real estate cold call video where Deric Lipski, a real estate agent, closes a cold client over the phone. Even though the lady who he spoke to seemed to not be interested in selling her home or simply gave up on doing so, Deric was able to set up a meeting.

Deric showed off his serious skills and I'd bet that he eventually closed that client.

As I write this, I'm still shaking my head in awe.

He was persistent on the call but still kept a great conversational tone that was non-threatening or disrespectful.

You need to be able to read your prospect and ask a series of questions.

The more information you have on your prospect, the clearer it'll be to you that you need to help them.

They may not realize it, but you do.

Knowing that you can truly help them will show in the way you talk to them.

Watch this video.

You'll learn a thing or three.

Module 06 - Closing Clients

The final module in this course review is focused on helping you close deals.

More value from Billy in this last module because the truth is, closing is of utmost importance so that you can continue being your own boss.

Ask yourself: How bad to you want to NOT go back to your 9-5 starting next Monday??

Exactly, you don't.

Many people that are new to business, especially online, don't have a clue on how to close clients. They may be able to get to the point where they set up a meeting, but CLOSING isn't everyone's forté.

Billy walks you through important steps such as:

Following-up with clients is one of the most important things to do!

It tells your client you really care.

Most times, that's all a business owner needs to be sold on you.

Trust me when I say that it can spell the difference between a closed deal or nothing.

The last two points Billy speaks on aren't spoken on much and that's why I liked how he ended the course.

Do what you need to do to keep them.

Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in the possible end result that you forget about reality.

The reality is that you have to put the work in before you reap any rewards. Nothing comes easy so you have to do your homework, understand what you have to do, then do it.

Keep your head down, work hard and the benefits will come.

When it comes to keeping clients, be human! Look after them, it's not difficult.

Pass by and say hello with a box of donuts. Whatever you do, keep it simple and show you care.

There are plenty of ways to keep your clients happy.

Billy ended on a high note for sure.

Bonus Resources

I find this very short module important because along with a list of courses Billy owns and recommends, he gives some insight on how to:

  • Create and send a contract agreement
  • Create an LLC 
  • Set-up automated text messaging for your clients

Many are new to business in general and this type of module really points you in the right direction because you're made aware of things you need to do legally since you're starting a business.

No one wants the headache of having to deal with the taxman breathing down your neck because you're noncompliant.

Avoid that problem.

You can legally start a business thanks to Billy and his course, so make sure you don't forget this.