5 Courses Bundle – The Selling Family

5 Courses Bundle

5 Courses Bundle – The Selling Family

5 Courses Bundle by The Selling Family includes 5 courses: Liquidation Gold, Toy Category Ungating, Q4 Profits, Merchant Fulfilling Q4 Masterclass and Quick and Easy Merchant Fulfilling.

1. Liquidation Gold

  • 26 lessons full of our strategies to make the most of your next liquidation store visit!
  • Lots of examples of items we have sold in the past from Liquidation and Discount stores.
  • Our best tips for finding liquidation stores near you.
  • Strategies for deciding how much of each item you should buy. And knowing when to go all in vs testing first.
  • Our quick research tips to help you determine if an item is really hard to find and why.
  • Key things you need to watch out for when dealing with liquidation and discount stores for your Amazon business.
  • How to build relationships with store owners and employees so that they will be begging you to come back in and clear there shelves!
  • An inside look at our most profitable categories and what to watch out for in them.

2. Category Ungating Training

  • Access to multiple legit wholesalers who can provide you with the documentation Amazon requires
  • Step-by-step videos to sign up for your wholesale accounts with ease
  • Confidence to place orders that have the right type of items and quantities so your invoices get approved everytime
  • Directions on how to prepare your invoices for submission so Amazon has everything they need from you
  • Ways to navigate your appeal if Amazon says no to your applicationBONUS – You’ll also get access to our exclusive ungating spreadsheet where we’ve matched up more than 20 name brands and products you can use to get ungated in them.

3. Q4 Profits

  • Our top selling categories during Q4
  • The importance of ranks in Q4 and what to do when there aren’t any
  • Other things we focus on besides ‘JUST’ toys
  • When we will compete with Amazon
  • The secret strategy we use to add thousands of dollars to our bottom line every year
  • Extra ways to maximize your profits
  • The clues we find scattered throughout the retail stores
  • How we use the ‘Hot Toy Lists’ to sidestep the competition
  • And so much more!

4. Merchant Fulfilling Q4 Masterclass

  • Instant access to the masterclass replay
  • A printable notes workbook so you can follow along and take notes
  • A Bonus spreadsheet that gives examples of easy/lightweight items.

5. Quick and Easy Merchant Fulfilling

  • How to calculate your MF profitability BEFORE buying any products to list
  • Why you need custom shipping templates (please note, only professional seller accounts can create shipping templates) and how to set them up so that customers choose YOU over other sellers
  • How to set up PRIME options (if you are already approved) so customers can use their free PRIME 2-day delivery even when buying from YOU
  • The supplies you’ve got to have on hand BEFORE selling anything merchant fulfilled
  • The two main things we focus on when evaluating products for merchant fulfilling that don’t matter as much when using FBA
  • Shipping rates you need to know and a quick and easy chart you can screenshot and keep on your phone for easy reference
  • How to list products from your phone so they can be selling before you even get home from shopping
  • Dealing with refund requests

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