1 Hour Consulting – IMQueen Consulting

In a 1 Hour Consulting call I’ll walk you through…

1 Hour Consulting – IMQueen Consulting

In a 1 Hour Consulting call I’ll walk you through…

  • how to avoid instant bans on Facebook,
  • how to warm up the ad accounts properly so your Quality Score is off the roof,
  • how to create and pile up 100s of accounts – or as many you’d like,
  • how to structure profitable ad campaigns on Facebook that sets you up for success right away by instantly decreasing the CPC prices and getting quality traffic that converts,
  • how to go about “Poor Ad Experience” or “Poor Landing Page Experience” issues

This is one hour of one on one consulting with Christina. This can be conducted in person if you are local or over skype, phone call etc.

About IMQueen

Christina Szekeres is the brains and wits behind the powerful IMQueen Consulting brand. Her mission is to educate hungry digital marketers on advertisement compliance with Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to promote long-term sustainable accounts by running policy friendly ads. This fuels her sense of purpose and is part of her larger vision. With the help of her direct connections at Facebook she can diagnose exactly why your ad account was disabled and help you frame out a plan to move forward. In her consulting, she teaches strategies, shortcuts and the secret paths to master Facebook ads and other digital advertising platforms.

She is a digital entrepreneur, consultant and global speaker who currently resides in Southern California. With more than 14 years of experience in performance marketing & outsmarting digital algorithms, she has become a highly sought after mastermind and inspiration for many to pursue careers in ad tech and digital marketing world.

She is frequently invited to be a keynote speaker for leading industry conferences.


Name of Course:​1 Hour Consulting – IMQueen Consulting

Release Date: 2020

Sale Page​: https://imqueenconsulting.com/products/1-hour-consulting

Author Price: $​3000

Our Price: $​31.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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